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WaspbusterMK is based in Milton Keynes and run and operated by the experienced, qualified and insured owner. We are available to take your call 24hrs a day 7 days a week and will get out to you at the earliest opportunity to suit you. If we do not answer immediately we may be up a ladder or dealing with a nest, please leave a message and we will get back to you very soon.

We try to fit visits in to suit your circumstances so evening and weekend call-outs are all available.  


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For a 24hr service in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas by an experienced local specialist with guaranteed satisfaction call WaspbusterMK.



Bees are in decline worldwide, seriously threatening the health of the planet and reducing crops through lack of pollination.

Bees and wasps are very different creatures. We take a responsible attitude toward the bees and will not destroy or remove them unless they are causing a risk to health or another substantial problem.

In Great Britain 270 species of bee have been recorded but since 1900, the UK has lost 13 species and a further 35 are considered under threat of extinction. Each species has its own role in the ecology of the countryside.

For more information visit Friends of the Earth’s ‘Bee-Cause’ pages here

Large, fluffy all over with a pleasing, gentle ‘buzz’ as they collect pollen from  your flowers. This is the bee variety recognised by most people.

The Honey Bee

The Wasp

Wasps most distinctive features are their complete lack of hair, their smooth, bright yellow and black stripes, dangling yellow legs in flight and particularly the very clear ‘wasp waist’ looking as though the body is two separate, barely joined parts.

Smaller, slimmer with a fluffy jacket and light fuzz elsewhere. Other varieties can vary in size, shape and colour from yellow, orange and brown to black with or without stripes. They are always fuzzy.

The Bumble Bee

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A powder insecticide, only available to licensed users, will be directed into the nest and particularly around the entrance area killing the wasps and larvae inside. The nest is left in place and wasps away from the nest will pick up the dust on their body as they return through the coated entrance and enter the nest. Wasps do not re-use a dead nest so it can be safely removed after a few days or can be left in place without any problem. It is possible for there to be more than one nest on a property and all the nests would have to be treated to get rid of the problem.

Our price of £49 covers killing one nest of wasps, other nests dealt with on the same visit will be treated for £10 per extra nest.

Occasionally, usually because of access limitations, all wasps in a nest may not be killed with one visit. However, you have peace of mind knowing that if this happens we will return free of charge and deal with it until resolved. So you are guaranteed a good outcome on a treated nest.


WASPBUSTERMK  07721 742707

serving all of Milton Keynes and surrounding villages and communities.

While bees will do all they can to avoid confrontation, wasps are more aggressive.

Although wasps can be a help to gardeners by eating some pests, they make areas they inhabit unsafe and out of bounds for many people.

Bees die if they sting so only do it in defence of themselves or their hive but wasps can sting multiple times meaning they are more likely to react to territorial threats and people flapping to drive them away.

While bees are interested in your plants, wasps will target your food and can be prepared to fight you for it. A nest on your property means they consider the area around it theirs to defend, often aggressively.

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